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percent his main challenger maha time in jail of the secular c.h.p. the republican people's party receives around thirty one percent of the vote. of the pro kurdish h.t.t.p. pulled in just over eight percent but this victory at on will assume sweeping new powers added to the presidency last year and a referendum that was backed by a small majority of turks. was not. really. one nation one flag one country the crowd chant led by one man russia type ad one has tightened his grip on power in taki off to winning sunday's presidential poll he thanked his supporters in ankara after the electoral commission declared his victory. governor said it the winner of this election is democracy. we lead our nation.
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to sit in. the witness of this election every one of the eighty one million citizens. his supporters were overjoyed just. then. we were at the capital of democracy and human rights elections were perfect we've won a victory again i just tell you bad one is the best president the world can also. not celebrating as the main opposition c.h.p. party one's main challenger. had earlier warned of irregularities and accuse the state run news agency of manipulating the numbers inches back as what dismayed. which is misinformation and which devastated we already have no freedom of opinion or civil rights if the systematic changes for the worse we're finished we should only for a country. when ushers in
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a new political system under which she becomes head of both state and government at one insists this will bring prosperity and stability to the country following a failed coup attempt to years ago but critics say the new system will further erode democracy in turkey. more from the correspondent dorian john standing by in istanbul good morning to you there doria president everyone has been declared the winner and he spoke to supporters and i'm her earlier what was his message. but his message is more of the same much more of the same major continued expansion on the economic program of the construction program across the country heading towards the hundredth anniversary of the turkey for a public in twenty twenty three and also the promise of continued war on turkey and in these east terra enemies that means a crackdown on those playing for the twenty sixteen failed coup attempt already we've seen tens of thousands of arrests including many who are considered just
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critics of the government you already has over one hundred journalists in jail along with hundreds of academics are facing prosecution as well there will be more of that that is the message also there will be a continued ramping up of the war against kurdish insurgents both inside turkey and in syria with. declaring that there will be further efforts to liberate as he called syrian territory more military operations in syria as well now as one has this new mandate we just use weeping powers there is space to be acceleration of his programs both inside turkey and outside. one is making these big declarative statements but meanwhile the opposition has raised doubts about the accuracy of the results have they conceded the election yet or are they planning to challenge the outcome. well in fact the chief challengers to one have disappeared from the public view we only have
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a. statement sent by the main challenger more i mean here to a main t.v. news anchor where he said quote the man has got it all over them that we have had no of official statements or conceding defeat in the early hours after the election had ended there was concerns about how quickly the vote had been announced by the turkey's official state news agency and the dual agency there was criticism that many of the votes still hadn't been counted in strongholds of the chief challenger to earth won but there's a night progress their own system of tallying votes seemed to concur with the result and that really left no where to go for the opposition to challenge this result we are expecting a press conference around twelve o'clock local time today when the entire will be addressing the media as until now he has disappeared from the public eye assuming the result stands how is turkey going to change after this election.
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well president elect now has sweeping powers that he inherited after last year's referendum that extended those powers so he becomes a very powerful executive presidency he can rule by decree he has an extended control over the senior appointment of judges in this country also parliament is very little of a check to his power now prime minister the role of prime is that doesn't exist anymore now powers are completely on check in fact really the only potential check to his power is a growing economic storm it is believed to be approaching turkey so he has a record high interest rates and a very vulnerable currency that if he really is the only check to his power although he will be in key local elections next year in march potentially the last victory he needs to have a complete grip on power in this country dorian jones in istanbul covering a potentially watershed election for turkey thank you very much the leaders of
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sixteen you countries have stressed a willingness to find a solution to the blocs longstanding migration debate and a last minute emergency meeting in brussels on sunday without any concrete decisions for e.u. wide summit is coming up on thursday german chancellor angela merkel is seeking short term deals with other e.u. member states to cope with the migration crisis german chancellor angela merkel who's in brussels looking to. leaders back you know migration history as chancellor sebastian could stake some more hardline approach but there is some common ground between merkel and french president emmanuel calm. the era of open borders across the whole of the e.u. seems to be over more and more member states are demanding more rigorous security like here on the belgariad in turkish border the leaders are united on strengthening libya's coast guard so that migrants can no longer travel to europe by sea and hardliners want to create more reception centers like this one in libya
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far from the borders some leaders did however voice concerns. because of on the phone we have our values. and every time we be trained we do damage italian prime minister giuseppe conti once an overhaul of the so-called dublin agreement under which asylum seekers must be processed in the country they arrive italy says that will ensure a more equal distribution across the e.u. and open the door for bilateral agreements on the repatriation of migrants and that's exactly what angola merkel once she does not want to send refugees back to another each member state without that country's agreement after the talks merkel was optimistic. wherever possible of course we want to find european solutions and where this is not possible we want to bring together those who are
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willing and work out a common plan of action. every willing european partners strengthens michael back home in her dispute with her conservative c.s.u. sister party at the end of this week the chancellor must be able to show them what she has achieved that is some of the other stories making news around the world the libyan coast guard says it has rescued several hundred migrants from rubber dinghies in a series of operations off the north african coast refugees include many women and children a stronger coast guard presence is reported to have sharply cut the number of sailing since last summer. police police in nigeria say at least eighty six people have died in clashes between farmers and nomadic herders the deaths are the latest in a long running battle for land and resources the fighting took place in the central plateau states where the government has imposed a curfew. in a tweet us president donald trump has said people entering the country illegally
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should be immediately deported without any judicial process trump's remarks come amid outcry over his administration's policy of separating families at the u.s. border with mexico he eventually signed an executive order to end the policy. and let's get the latest on the soccer world cup in russia and emily guy shoots from dude every sports is here to guide us through it so emily england start off today with this huge win against panama what happened there oh it was such a thrilling went to kick off the highest scoring day at the world cup so far and england showed their dominance from the very start was actually johnstone's who headed in for the early one zero for england kerry kane netted another one shortly later but jesse lingard really stole the show stole the show with this shot from long range stone scored another before half time came scored two more and in the end it was a six one win for england we have to say though props to panama because they were
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celebrating that one goal as if they'd won the world cup this is their first world cup ever and this was their first goal so they are celebrating the hard harry kane on the other hand is now the world cup's top scorer he scored five goals total just before belgium's romelu lukaku with four goals and portugal's kris jenner in all that with four as well so england now joined belgium in the knockout stages and they're neck and neck ahead of their clash look into your crystal ball for us who do you see winning that one that's a really difficult one to call because we just heard the cuckoo and harry kane they're the top scorers at this tournament they have really great offensive plays both teams and if we actually have a look at the table things are really close because both teams got six points from two goal from two games they both scored eight conceded two which means it might all come down to a flip of the coin because if they manage to tie in their neck to neck. game then it will be about the fair play who got more yellow cards and that's also quite
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close at the end of the day might be a really really close call so you mentioned the high scoring game england versus panama where there was another high scoring game in group h. quite a lot of goals in that group today so most difficult to keep track of many goals and also some surprising results actually let's have a look at what happened there. put me on the yeti you know the sound that he opens a school ring off to forty minutes a coffee table this was a better team and went on to two more golds on the continent a second time off and on or so cal and one club that i will securing the impressive showing spalding i was the number of my mind so it was a group one potentate to make it out of the group stage shows a subtle and then a role in the group leaders cliff side your money opens a scoring full senate go to sayings to some kamikaze defending by japan. this summer why do you put august was a first shot on goal is true takashi in
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a week then was a young display on the pitch nineteen year olds most of again we still it's a neutral semi go only for japan to level again through case and pawned off to all it's a fun school. what does this all mean moving forward with group h. for the final games coming up or for robert lewandowski and his polish team that game saving face before they're going to travel home because they're out of the world cup they're going to face japan but his teammate from buy on hummus rodriguez and colombia they're going to face senegal and that's all really going to be close as well and it's going to go down to the final whistle in that group because cigarette tickly we can see here on the table japan senegal and colombia could still all make it through to the knockout stages and they're all going to be fighting for their spot on the last game day and just in general we have a really exciting few days coming up because now all of the group games will be taking place at the same time will be lots of excitement in the x. days will be lots of tears and lots of lots of happy tears on lots of well sad
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tears it's going to be very dramatic next few days and live out shots from did obvious sports thank you so much for joining us. you're watching news from berlin and more coming up at the top of the hour with my colleagues don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site dot com. thanks for joining us. please believe. me who do you think is going to be a little shook up. the measures of the scores. eighteen soccer world cup. d.w. news.


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